Saturday, June 18, 2005

Felix Listens to the World

This show embodies what the Fringe is all about. Brilliant storytelling, inventive sets and props, and just a fresh approach to theatre.

The only problem with this one is that I am still not 100% sure what the story actually was, even though I loved how it was told. The play follows one character played by three actors (and some dolls) and framed by various lights controlled on the stage. The result is a very cinematic effect, allowing the actors to switch from one scene to another, by simply turning off one lamp and turning on another.

The three actors, all from Australia, do what they call Junkyard Theatre, creating theatre out of junk left by the curbside. As performers, they are very strong, and with a well-workshopped script, they would be incredible by any standard. What's missing here is that great script. The direction, the execution and the design all make up what the show lacks in clear narrative, but it still leaves the audience wondering what exactly happened.

See this show, if for no other reason than that you may never see theatre like this again.

Show Title: Felix Listens to the World
Venue: Studio Leonard-Beaulne
Genre: Junk Yard Theatre
Run Time: 40 mins.
Admission Price: $8

Winner of the Melbourne Fringe Festival, Felix Listens to the World is a love story of sorts. Follow Felix as he journeys after his sweetheart who has sailed away in a teacup! This show uses performer-operated lighting, sound, and original inventions to pull you into this claustrophobic fairy tale.

Fri. June 17 (20h30), Sat. June 18 (19h00), Sun. June 19 (15h00), Wed. June 22 (23h00), Thurs. June 23 (17h30), Sat. June 25 (20h00)


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