Saturday, June 18, 2005

Hidden in This Picture

Ah, the ever-recycled conflict between writer and director, between stage and screen. This Aaron Sorkin play brings it into the spotlight once again when a first-time film director is intent on getting the perfect final shot to his film - an eleven minute scene of marines returning home after war games, juxtaposed against the setting sun.

The conflict begins when three cows enter the frame. Unable to remove them in time, and unable to shoot the scene again, the writer and director exchange philosophies about artistic integrity.

The show is well acted by William Beddoe, Sam Saber and Brian Stewart, though Alan Jeans shone through in the small role of the rather thick assistant director. Had the others been up to his calibre, this would have been a fantastic show.

Unfortunately, none of the actors had much to work with in the script. To me, this is one of those plays that has no particular relevance, and is just mildly entertaining. The kind I leave saying... "so what?"

That being said, Vision Theatre does an admirable job of pulling it off, and it is well worth seeing.

Show Title: Hidden in This Picture
Venue: Academic Hall
Genre: Satire
Suggested Age Group: 7+
Run Time: 50 mins.
Admission Price: $8

A writer and a director are teetering between triumph and catastrophe — as the sun sets on their first feature film, can they find artistic fulfillment in a cow pasture? Award-winning playwright Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing, A Few Good Men) takes aim at Hollywood with this hilarious satire about filmmaking.

Fri. June 17 (21h30), Sat. June 18 (15h30), Mon. June 20 (23h00), Thurs. June 23 (22h00), Sat. June 25 (23h00), Sun. June 26 (17h30)


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