Monday, June 20, 2005

Hip-Hop for Dumeez


I honestly don't think I've ever laughed so hard at a show in my life. This hour-long instructional "DVD" features VowelMovement and Bushman teaching you how to improve your street cred.

The audience loves them, and for good reason. This show is clever, well-written and tight in every way. It's obvious to anyone who has seen these guys before - they are not casual hip-hop listeners, and they are absolutely serious about their craft.

See this show. Seriously.

Venue: Arts Court Theatre
Genre: Musical Comedy
Suggested Age Group: 13+
Run Time: 60 mins.
Admission Price: $8

Abbott & Costello meets Outkast in this hilarious comedy lesson in all things hip-hop. Whether you love hip-hop or can't understand a damn word of it, Sable & Batalion (JOB: The Hip-Hop Musical) will have you boppin' your head to the beat.
"Talk of the Fest" (Just for Laughs 2004).

Sun. June 19 (22h30), Mon. June 20 (23h30), Tue. June 21 (19h00), Thurs. June 23 (17h30), Fri. June 24 (22h00), Sun. June 26 (17h30)


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