Saturday, June 18, 2005

Three Sisters: A Black Opera in Three Acts

I'll be honest - I really didn't know what to expect from a "little Chekovian freakshow on the prarie," but I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised. There was no program for this show, so I have no idea what the actors' names were, but I can describe their performances nonetheless.

The story is somewhat loosely based on Chekov's Three Sisters, and follows the tragedy of three unusual sisters - one who sucks cock for quarters, one who is the ugliest girl in the province and miscarried after getting pregnant during her first period, and another who is a naive virgin. They are cared for by their cross-dressing father-come-mother who is forced to sell them at auction to pay off the mortgage on their farm.

The performances were generally high quality, if somewhat uneven. The actor playing the resident villain and bank employee stood above the rest with outstanding physicality, and a smarmy charm that was perfect for his character. The three sisters seemed less experienced, though there was no real weak link in the show.

The entire play is accompanied live by a very talented pianist (the dark lord of the keyboard, as they refer to him), and a good part of the script is sung... if somewhat off-key.

As a whole, the play is a fun interpretation of the original Chekov play, though the macabre nature of the show veers dangerously toward sophmoric humour, as a whole, this play is definitely worth seeing.

Show Title: Three Sisters: A Black Opera in Three Acts
Venue: Academic Hall
Genre: Black Comedy
Suggested Age Group: 19+
Run Time: 90 mins
Audience Advisory: Adult Themes/Nudity
Admission Price: $8

Collaborative director Karen Hines calls this "a little Chekhovian freak show on the prairie." A high camp opera of the grotesque, this is a prairie gothic remake that Chekhov could never have envisioned. Featuring rump roast, live facelifts and the sweet sounds of the accordion. Vegetarians beware!

Fri. June 17 (23h00), Sat. June 18 (13h30), Sun. June 19 (19h30), Tue. June 21 (17h30), Fri. June 24 (21h30), Sat. June 25 17h30


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